As long as the order has not been processed or shipped, it can be cancelled. Please note that this is not a guarantee success; it heavily depends on the condition of the order and the nature of the order; if it is explicitly written on the order page that the order does not accept refund, return and cancellation, please refer to that.

Please note that you should check the product page and its description, whether or not the item is eligible will be explicitly written on the product page. If it does, then you can combine your orders together. The fulfillment of the order take reference from the latter shipment fulfilment. 

For example, if you order a pack of springs with a pre-order item that will be fulfilled a year after you placed an order; you will receive both items - a pack of springs and the pre-order item a year after you place the order.

Please kindly refer to the Refund and Return Policy.


Progressive springs allow you to feel the weight difference when travelling the keypress. From lighter weight from the tip top of the keypress, to gradually increasing the weight till the bottom of the keypress. It encourages user to not bottom out that easily as well as providing a unique typing experience.

Linear springs on the other hand, self-explanatorily means that the weight travel from tip top of the keypress to the bottom of the keypress remains the same. 

Used material is different.

V1 uses custom material from Korea, we've switched to high grade custom material imported from Japan this time. The structure of the spring will be firmer and more flexible, resulting in a more bouncier feel and better overall typing experience .

We are looking to expand our category in terms of spring weight. But this process will be slow because we would have to secure a steady sales and garnered enough interest on a specific spring weight before we commence on manufacturing them.

Though, if you are extremely eager to get a specific weight and are confident enough to secure a MOQ. You could contact us and we will authorize this commission/group buy. Whether or not the chosen weight will be long standing item listed on our site depends on the the reactions of the interest check.

We authorize Punchy as one of our sales channel that mainly focuses on Mainland market. So basically Thic Thock Spring = Punchy Spring. Although Thic Thock Spring V2 will only be exclusive to our site.


It takes 2-3 business days to process your order.

Standard shipment takes 7-14 business days with tracking.

Express shipment takes 3-5 business days with tracking.

We are based in Hong Kong, the shipping rate is not that friendly to CONUS or EU, we get that. We are looking to revise our shipping rate from time to time in hopes of offering a better ratings for you guys.

As for proxies, we are open to collaboration.

We can undervalue the invoice upon request, please write down the request on the "Note" when checking out.

GB information / inventory update

Please refer to the Inventory Update page for your reference. The "Replenishment Schedule" is what we take reference for the answer to this question.

Please refer to the Interest Check or GB progress for your reference.