COVID-19 Shipping Arrangement

As COVID-19 pandemic has been striking worldwide. The main service we use for posting has been partially suspended. There is no estimation to when will the service be fully back online. For majority of nations, areas or cities, airlines are being limited, hence, low priority shipment are mostly blocked off because they are only taking in high priority shipment (express service that is offered by couriers such as UPS/DHL/FeDex) at the moment. We have no power over this unfortunate event and could only patiently wait for them to reopen their logistic intake for low priority shipment. Some areas are available for posting, which can be found in -

* Please note that this is merely a reference as we have tried to post to Singapore as it is stated available on the site; however when we attempted to post it in the post office, we are told that Singapore is in lockdown and parcels we have packed cannot be processed.

The shipping arrangement is that - 

  • If airmail service is not available in the abovementioned site, your order(s) will not be able to get processed.
  • If your country/area/city is in service, please expect 3 - 5 business days of order processing as we need to congregate a batch of shipment and go to post office once to twice a week to minimize the chance of getting exposed to the enclosed and high density public area.
  • Express service is available for worldwide shipment, if you would like to upgrade your shipping method to express, please contact
    > Estimation for US parcel for 0.5kg item costs around 45USD per order. It will be fulfilled by DHL with full tracking and a fulfillment speed of 3 - 5 business days (sometimes less).
    > Distant areas will have extra costs.

It is never our intention to slow down the order processing and postpone your paid items. But with what is going on right now, we could not do anything about it unless the pandemic is gone or the logistic intake for low priority shipment is reopen. Once everything is back to normal, we will go full speed processing orders.

We hope you all stay safe and be well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.