Return and Refund Policy

Thic Thock does not accept return of item due to the nature of the items. If there is any defections, please contact us by providing the order number, subsequent proofs and we will sort things out.

Refund will only be issued when the order meets the following conditions - 

  • The item has not been fulfilled
  • The item, if it's nature is group buy / pre-order that has not moved to production phase

The above rules are not applicable on the item(s) where there is explicit notes on
refusing to accepting refunds or returns on its product description

If the order you are looking to apply for refund does not match any of the requirements listed above, and that you believe that it is eligible for a refund, please provide detail information regarding the order number, elaborated reason for refund and subsequent proofs and contact us. We will look into the issue and get back to you whether it is eligible for refund or not.

Requesting for a refund will result in 3.5% cancellation fee, regardless if the order's nature (contains solely in stock, group buy, or mixture of both).