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AKI-S 65%

IC form

Hi! AKI-S is the first project that I'm fully involved in and calls are mainly made by me (while BOCC was collaboration with a friend). I chose to use AKI as my signature as it represents 2 of my favorite elements, Japanese culture and Autumn. Upon entering the custom scene, trying different kinds of layouts, I found that 65% is the one that I find it most likable. It's compact, it's packed with necessary utility that I wouldn't need to compromise too much by re-programming the needed keys. In light of that, I chose to use 65% as my first project.

As for the series code: S. It represents another element I like the most - snowflake. This is also the reason why the bottom weight engraving will be a snowflake. Combining the 3 favorite elements of mine into one, I hope this board will become something much more than what's given to it.

Design Inspiration
I adore sleek, seamless and timeless design. Although I'm not a car enthusiast, I've always liked the design of sport cars, namely Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini. With that in mind, I hope to create a board that resembles the slim, streamlined design that we can always see from sport cars, or more precisely, luxury cars. I want this board to be unique in terms of aesthetics, no matter its when in use - front face, or for displaying purpose.

I opt in for a symmetric blocker design. This means that there will be less flexibility in customizing the bottom row because of the fixed bottom row layout. The reason behind this is that its all about sleek, streamlined and visually homogeneous. Symmetric blockers seem to fit the theme better. I understand that there will be compromises for those who use winkey a lot. I, myself too. The bright side is that we can always program the board to our liking!

There have been a lot of upper right blocker 65 recently. Although it is a great way to express the uniqueness of a board, I'd like to spice it up and refrain from adopting the prevalent expression; instead, I added an accent bar that is embedded in the top case, hoping to accentuate the sport car theme better, as if its a back-light from the rear of a fancy sport car. To further complement the case, we will offer a, if not several choices of stickers for you to complement the top case with some styles.

Gasket has been a heavily appreciated addition to the custom scene in the recent blooming community. I personally believe that a stronger and robust mounting system with solid case enclosure design will help alleviate the typing experience over adding a few gasket rubbers here and there to reduce the possible reverbs caused from typing. And thus gasket rubbers will not be adopted for this kit.

===[ Layout ]===
☑ 65%

===[ Degree ]===
☑ Moderate (4-7) [7 degree]

===[ Mounting System ]===
☑ Top Mount

===[ Material ]===
☑ Aluminum (Material TBD)
☑ Polycarbonate (Full case)
☑ Brass (For middle and bottom weight only)

===[ Color Coating Options ]===
☑ Anodize
☑ E-coat
☑ Stingy range of color options (ano Black, e-White)

===[ Plate Options ]===
☑ Brass
☑ Aluminum
☑ Polycarbonate
☑ Carbon Fiber

===[ Plate Properties ]===
☑ Full Plate
☑ Half Plate
☑ Flex Cut

===[ Supported Layout ]===
☑ ISO + Split L Shift
☑ Split Backspace
☑ Stepped Caps Lock
☐ WK (Maybe ☑)

===[ PCB Properties ]===
☐ VIA (Maybe ☑)
☑ Backlit RGB
☑ Solder
☑ Hotswap

===[ Misc ]===
☑ Accent Bar (PVD Mirror Finished; Gold, Silver confirmed, others TBD)
☑ Sticker(s) (Gold plated used on top case)
☐ Engrave (Maybe ☑)
☑ Rubber Feet

===[ Price ]===
☐ Free
☐ Cheap
☐ Average (Maybe ☑)
☐ Expensive
☐ Gotta eat dirt for months
☑ Aim at 350 or below (this is only for reference)

===[ Sales Type ]===
☑ Limited (Looking at 35-40 max)
☑ One Time Run
☐ Future Run (Maybe ☑)
☑ Collaboration(s)

===[ When ]===
☐ May (Maybe ☑)

Possible FAQ
Q: When are you expecting to hold this GB?
A: At the moment, please allow me to finish fulfilling the GB orders of BOCC. I'm holding this IC because it takes at least a month, if not months to finalize the details on everything, and at the moment, besides waiting for the factories to resume to their work stations after the coronavirus outbreak, I could only plan things ahead so I could smoothen the experience and get things done quicker when the BOCC GB is concluded. Back to the question, I'm looking at Q3.

Q: Can you take away the bottom left engraving?
A: That isn't an engraving, instead, it's a metallic sticker. It is an add-on that can be purchased when you joined the GB.

Q: How much are we looking at?
A: Currently we have no idea because the factory is still on holiday, if not self quarantining under the effect of emergency law imposed lately across the nation. Once we get to confirm the blueprint with the related parties, we will announce the information.

Q: Will there be full brass version?
A: Not at the moment. I'm pretty sure its already pretty heavy with the middle and bottom brass weight on its own.

Q: Why is it the quantity that low?
A: Running a group buy is excruciating. I didn't mean to use such strong word, but that's the reality. While its really nice to have everyone included in the sales, everyone will be happy; its always the opposite for the runner because the more I intake, the heavier duties I bear. These duties are, but not limited to taking more risks - A LOT OF risks; we are talking about the risk of runner embracing a total loss if the factory encounters any sort of accidents, increased chances of upping the cost because of failed runs/productions, increased chances of encountering unforeseeable accidents that will hurt the GB and etc., nightmare grade logistic problems, longer QC checks and so on. I can go all day around this because I've been through with my first GB. Not that I'm not confident enough to make a larger group buy, its just that I want this to be good, and I want it to be less stressful. Thus, I'm taking down the numbers.

Q: Will there be another future run for this if I missed the GB?
A: It depends on the reception of the board. If there is a lot of demands for the board, I'm flattered and would be happy to bring it back.

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