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Thic Thock Marshmallow Switch

IC form: https://forms.gle/E9UdvwfcGjxJ7e1s7

Top Clack's first impression: https://topclack.com/textclack/2019/10/26/thic-thock-marhsmallow-switches-first-impressions-by-quakemz

Marshmallow will be a linear switch that comes with delicious color combo that resembles, well, marshmallow. We offer this marvelous switches with incredibly bouncy and cushiony progressive spring from Thic Thock MP Series to enhance the typing experience as well as muting the ping sound that can be often found in many switches with their stock springs. Marshmallow itself is smooth enough that some of the private testers had given feedback that even without lubrication, it is still smooth enough to be used right away. (We are planning to send more samples out to different influencers for further reviews)

Just in case someone is interested in this, Durock is not affiliated with the manufacture or production of Marshmallow. We invest onto our own factory for creating the switch from molding to leafs and legs.


Lots of people are discussing around the topic of which factory is responsible for manufacturing Marshmallow, why is it not disclosed yet. We are very wary of this and simply because we are cautious on this sensitive topic, we would like to dedicate one huge context of this as part of the update.

As said, Durock is not affiliated with our production of the switch. So, what does this mean exactly? This means that during the whole process from designing the housing, leaf and stem, Durock had/has no part in it, nor did we use Durock’s samples or approach them at all. This is a genuine new stuff that comes straight from us. Some might ask why did we explicitly mention this in the first place? It’s because we want to let everyone who is interested in this switch to acknowledge that we are the one who is responsible for the decision making on the design and promotions, no third party was involved.

Then, let’s talk about the factory. We are in partnership with JWK. Who is JWK? JWK was responsible for manufacturing one of the most favorable switches – T1. To my knowledge, there are 2 factories who are responsible for manufacturing T1(although I might be ill informed), whether JWK was in partnership with Durock or not is not of our concern, nor we could do anything about it if it is. More importantly, the drama the shrouds around Durock or other related parties is something that has already been in the past. All parties involved have moved on and things have been sorted out on their own ways. Whether the manufacturer, or the producer, or the promoter, or whoever you think should be held ethically accountable should be you to decide.

That said, we are a merchant who approached the manufacturer – a.k.a. the factory directly and bought the necessary equipment to initiate our project. So JWK acts as an OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means they are only responsible to execute the design we handed over to them and they quoted us a fee for manufacturing the switches. That’s it on their part. Afterwards, from brand building, promotions and shipping will all be on our own hands. This also explains why we are able to brand our brand logo on the top housing of the switch instead of other brand logos.

I hope this explain clearly on the relationship between us and our manufacturer. Cheers!


MOQ for Marshmallow will be 10,000.
GB starting date estimated to be mid November
Price: 5.5 per 10 pcs; order of a minimum of 60 pcs
GB Date: 16th November, 2019 - 30th November, 2019
GB Window: 2 weeks
Fulfillment Date: 2020 Q1
Vendor: Thic Thock, mykeyboard.eu, Daily Clack

Material: Custom Nylon housing with POM stem
Spring: Thic Thock MP Series 68g - Gold Plated
Nature: Linear
Actuation Force: ~50g
Actuation Distance: ~1.4mm
Factory Lubrication? NO

Feature: Smooth Criminal, Premium Grade Progressive Spring, Too Cute

Color Reference: 

Product Shots: https://imgur.com/a/bdywPaP

Geekhack thread: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=102902.0

Some quick FAQ for this section
Q: Why has the price gone up?
A: 4.8 per 10 pieces was a temporary price point. We set it to 4.8 not to bait you into biting the deal. It’s because it was an achievable price point on our part. Alpha stage sample was good, but we pushed it further, just as mentioned in Top Clack’s first impression, we were tuning, calibrating the machines to make the tolerance slimmer, in hopes of minimizing the “wobbliness”; and other refinement on the nitty gritty such as upgrading the spring, streamlining the stem and rails and etc. that will improve the overall experience. This inevitably increased our production cost and thus the adjustment of price point. To compensate this adjustment, we’ve lowered the minimum order quantity so that people who are interested only to get enough for their build wouldn’t have to waste their money on extra switches.

Q: What does minimum order quantity means?
A: It means that’s the least number of switches you must order. Let say you want 110, in the site, you would have to only add “11” into the cart, simple as that. Any order I receive from the back end that is below “6” – 60 switches will be disregarded.

Q: What so special about the fact that it is not factory lubed?
A: I believe for most of the buyers, they want to lube their switches to suiting to their own tastes. This means most of the time they would have to delube the switches before they could apply their favorite lubrications onto it. We value this kind of dedication and understand how tedious it can be when it comes to delubing switches. Thus, we offer unlubed switches on the fly. Other than that, we are confident that even if factory lubrication is not applied on it, it is still smooth enough that it can be used right away.

Q: Why was the starting date of GB postponed?
A: We want to let the influencers have the samples on hand and review them, release the reviews, hopefully during the group buy. In order to align their schedules, we figured by postponing the starting of the GB date would help public to have a greater chance on knowing more about the switches before they commit to making purchases. Although this is not a guarantee that their reviews will be out during the GB, this is the least we can do to increase the probability of public having access to the reviews during the GB period.

Q: What does V2 means?
A: We have upgraded our spring material from Korean import material to Japan. The result is that it provides firmer and better spring structure and enhance the overall typing experience.