Time Period
Group buy end - 10 September
Estimated Shipping - Q3 2022

6 degrees typing angle
Weight 1.5kg
Gasket Mount
Dimensions 28 x 10 x 3cm
QMK and VIA compatible PCB
Designed by Singa

Regional Vendors
US: Mekibo
Canada: ApexKeyboards
EU: MyKeyboard
UK: Prototypist
AU/NZ: Daily Clack
Indonesia: Acid&Co
East Asia: Thic Thock

Blush Pink
Olive Green
Royal Purple
Suave Blue
Titan Grey

Monokei x Singa : Neko

Top & Bottom piece (Colour dependent on combination)
Polycarbonate (Frosted) full plate
Sandblasted brass weights (bar and cat)
Solder / Hotswap PCB
hex screws
Rubber feet

Top & Bottom piece (Polycarbonate, Frosted White)
Copper plate (Sandblasted)
Sandblasted copper weights (bar and cat)
Solder / Hotswap PCB
Hex screws
Rubber feet

Quality Expectations
While we strive to provide a perfect experience no kit can be 100% flawless at our scale of production, as such the caveats are as follows:
No scratches on exposed / user facing parts of the keyboard (after installation of plate & PCB).
Possible marks close to screw area (top and bottom pieces).
Possible machining marks / micro scratches on the inside of the kit / pieces not exposed to the user. This includes scratches arising from anodisation hooks.
Minor anodisation variation between top and bottom piece.
Aluminium backplate will be sandblasted silver finish, not polished.
Brass patina: brass as a material tarnishes over time, you can clean it but note that it's a form of oxidation that we cannot control.
Marks / streaks that are not visible after assembly.
Please note that your purchase denotes agreement to group buy rules which include all the above.

A"paw"lingly cute artisan

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