[In Stock] Gateron X


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The Gateron X mold is a provable, completely brand-new bottom housing mold. Each bottom housing comes with an X engraving on the bottom as well as polished interiors where the stem contacts the housing. These polished areas reduce surface roughness while maintaining stem tolerances.

For this initial run, Gateron X comes in the classic nylon-blend milky top, nylon black bottom, and bright yellow POM stem. These stems differ from the traditional Gateron Yellows and are from the Gateron Pro line-up. These stems were also polished prior to this production run.

Materials: Nylon-blend top, nylon bottom, POM stem
50g actuation, 65g bottom out, stainless steel spring
Not factory lubed

The polished areas make it slippery to grip, this is not factory lube but rather the smooth polished surface.

The polished surface also makes oil-based lubricants less effective. Higher viscosity lube is suggested, e.g. 205g0 or 205g2.

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