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Thic Thock Collectible Card x ePBT Yukihana

Thic Thock Collectible Card is a keyboard themed holographic artisan/collectible card.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this, you acknowledge the following,

  • This is a group buy item, it will be shipped after the production is finished.
    (Estimated ready-to-ship date: Q3 2022; or together with group buy order)
  • This is a FCFS sale.
  • You can only purchase one card. Multiple cards in a single order will result in termination of your order and invalidation of your future entry to Thic Thock Collectible Cards.
  • There is no barring for entry of sales.
  • Percentage of rare cards will be presented in the below chart.
  • Holographic effect varies under different lightings and shooting angle, images only serve as references and may not accurately represent the actual product.
  • If there is more than 1 holographic effect or version of the card (ie. Author Signature ver.) in the same series, you are not guaranteed to receive which version, it will become a semi-blind raffle.

Card properties

  • ePBT Yukihana collaboration
  • Unlimited
  • 3 versions
Effects Static GIF
Holographic ver.
  (Click here)
Shimmer ver. (Click here)

※ Pictures / GIF shown in the above are not representative of the final product, they are merely references.

Card Rarity

Author signature (gold plated) ver. 5%
Holographic ver.  75%
Shimmer ver.  20%