[in Stock] GMK Posh

GMK Posh features an extensive base kit with compatibility for most layouts that are popular within the community. The alternative alpha and modifier colourways offer more pink options if that's what you fancy. Spacebars and forties kits cover the niches that certain boards may need. Add a novelties kit to give your board some romantic and classy icons.


US: Kono
EU(/UK): CandyKeys
China: zFrontier
SEAThic Thock
OCE: Daily Clack


a classic gentle take

Gentle & soothing color combination

- White: GMK CP

- Pink: RAL 3015

- Navy: RAL 5022

perfectly matched peripherals

3 variants of simple yet classy deskmats that can be purchased to match GMK Posh seamlessly.

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KeyLabs x GMK Posh

- Aluminum keycaps with enamel infill
- Modeled after GMK R1 profile, flat top face
- Two colorway options, Navy keycap with pink and white enamel & Pink keycap with navy and white enamel
- Color matched to GMK Posh RAL colors