[Pre-order] Emeralds Tactile Switch - by RiftKeys

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※ 1 = 25 switches. Minimum order of 75 switches per order.

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      Material: PME top / PME bottom / POM stem
      Spring: 70g (bottom out) linear curve spring
      Nature: Tactile
      Manufacturer: TECSEE (responsible for Drop's HP etc.)
      Factory Lubrication? no
      Feature: A tactile switch comprising of a new PME housing material that delivers a deep sound profile while still keeping smoothness.

      What is PME?
      It is Polycarbonate blend that is still a proprietary material compound while still keeping smoothness.

      Group buy period:
      7th Feb to 7th Mar

      Est. Fulfillment date:
      April 2021

      NA: Deskhero
      EU: Candykeys
      AS: Thic Thock
      OCE: Riftkeys

      More info:
      Geekhack link: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=110713.0
      Sound test: LINK HERE