Due to new development of COVID-19, HK local post office has suspended its service until further notice. Orders will be fulfilled after the service is back online. We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

General Updates


Spring V2

  • Will be restocked in Mid Jan - Late Jan
  • Will be available on mykeyboard.eu
  • 2 new variants have been added to the lineup, respectively DL58.5 and DL65
  • Off spec spring replacement will be undergone after V2 is restocked
  • Current orders that are on hold and have yet to be fulfilled will be prioritized for fulfillment after the restock of V2


  • PCB design flaws were detected, we have placed new orders to remake all PCB, this will set back the production a bit; but it doesn't affect the lead time that much
  • Although as previously mentioned, the factory will honor the fact that they will prioritize our project along with other ceased projects that are significantly more important than ours - in terms of financially impactful to the factory. The speed isn't as quick as one would think, they are currently processing 3-5 boards a day. With this, we are expecting to fulfill BOCC probably mid Feb - late Feb after check ups and QC


  • Everything is on schedule
  • Spring has been assembled into the switch, it is now in "testing" phase where the switches are tested for durability and functionality check
  • Expected fulfillment date should be late Jan at the earliest to early Feb, proxies will be later depending on the shipment and the speed of which the handlers do on packaging


    Support Tickets revamped

    • Please kindly visit our newly added support ticket form for your before/after sales customer support
    • Please refrain from PMing me in Discord for before/after sales customer support

    Shipping/Order fulfillment

    • Current situation in Hong Kong has not improved in a sense that the post office is switching on and off from time to time; there is no estimated time for recovery of local post office to run things like normal. Order fulfillment for orders will still be 3 - 5 business days, I will try my best to ship them as soon as possible, but please note that I have day job and if I cannot make it in time to the post office after work/during lunch hour due to the political complications, it will inevitably get postponed for 1 - 2 days.

    Restock schedule and challenges

    • Customs in China and Hong Kong are imposing strict import restrictions. We have encountered several intercepts from both customs even though the items are as harmless as springs, switches and stabilizers. We have currently found a temporary solution to this predicament that the customs have put us in. But restocking items will not be as quick as before.

    Future projects

    • Custom 68 is in the work
    • Planning to add an exaggerated version of current MP series, theoretically speaking one should feel significantly more progressive than the current offers. It is still in development and we will keep you all updated