Thic Thock Marshmallow Linear Switch

※Each order contains 10 pcs of Marshmallows, if you're looking to grab 60 pcs - which is the minimum order quantity, you put 6 in the cart, so on so forth. Any order received that is below 60 pcs will be disregarded and cancelled.


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Material: Custom Nylon housing with POM stem
Spring: Thic Thock MP Series 68g - Gold Plated
Nature: Linear
Actuation Force: ~50g
Actuation Distance: ~1.4mm
Factory Lubrication? NO

Feature: Smooth Criminal, Premium Grade Progressive Spring, Too Cute
Price: $10/pack

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Thic Thock Marshmallow

"For my final verdict, I will say that these switches are good, fun and a really solid value."

        Brian of Top Clack

Little Surprises

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Matching deskmat to match with our cute switches!

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