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Thic Thock Marshmallow Linear Switch | Pre-Order

※Please note that this is a group buy, the fulfillment of the order(s) will be 2020 Q1. 

※Please NOTE that if you add in stock item with this GB item, you will receive both items ONLY when the GB item is ready for shipment.

※Each order contains 10 pcs of Marshmallows, if you're looking to grab 60 pcs - which is the minimum order quantity, you put 6 in the cart, so on so forth. Any order received that is below 60 pcs will be disregarded and cancelled.


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Full board sound test

Marshmallow is a linear switch that comes with delicious color combo that resembles, well, marshmallow. We offer this marvelous switches with incredibly bouncy and cushiony progressive spring from Thic Thock MP Series to enhance the typing experience as well as muting the ping sound that can be often found in many switches with their stock springs. Marshmallow itself is smooth enough that some of the private testers had given feedback that even without lubrication, it is still smooth enough to be used right away.

MOQ for Marshmallow is 10,000.
Price: 5.5 per 10 pcs; order of a minimum of 60 pcs
GB Date: 16th November, 2019 - 30th November, 2019 GMT+8 00:00
GB Window: 2 weeks
Fulfillment Date: 2020 Q1
Vendor: Thic Thock, mykeyboard.eu(EU), Daily Clack(AUS)

Material: Custom Nylon housing with POM stem
Spring: Thic Thock MP Series 68g - Gold Plated
Nature: Linear
Actuation Force: ~50g
Actuation Distance: ~1.4mm
Factory Lubrication? NO

Feature: Smooth Criminal, Premium Grade Progressive Spring, Too Cute

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