Thic Thock Spring V2 - DL Series



DL Series - Deliciously Linear Series

Thic Thock Springs are meticulously designed and manufactured custom mechanical keyboard springs; aiming at providing the best quality spring at a reasonable and friendly price point.

The weight variation of each spring is controlled within 2±gf. In order to maximize the customer experience, we've decided to make these amazing springs with premium custom materials that are specifically used for supreme user experience.

Each order contains 100 pcs of springs

Reminder: Please note that due to the nature of the packaging, when you encounter tangled springs, please swirl it out carefully and tenderly; with brute force, you risk damaging the spring's structure.


Q: Why Thic Thock Spring?

A: Simple. You're looking for the best, aren't you? Best in terms of value, shopping experience and actual product quality. That's what we are offering, the whole package in a best value price tag.

Testimonies on front page are some of our customers who have made purchase of our products and tested it on their builds.

Q: What is progressive spring?

A: Progressive springs allow you to feel the weight difference when travelling the keypress. From lighter weight from the tip top of the keypress, to gradually increasing the weight till the bottom of the keypress. It encourages user to not bottom out that easily as well as providing a unique typing experience.

Linear springs on the other hand, self-explanatorily means that the weight travel from tip top of the keypress to the bottom of the keypress remains the same. 

Q: Any recommendation for which weight to start with?

A: It all comes down to your own preference, it'd be best that you try it out with all the weight to rule out the dislike ones. Since preference is subjective, there is no generic way to determine what is best for what. 


We've tested internally and found that DL67.5 or DL63.5+ is the best spring for replacing the stock Panda housing's spring for assembling Holy Panda. 

Q: What is "+"?

A: Spring structure is different from original series, it offers a length of 22mm, a longer length when compared to the original series. It is only available with DL series at the moment.

Several benefits with this length - 

  • Really helps accentuate tactility of the switch (tactile switch only of course, duh!)
  • Alters bottom out sound for some switches (it is very preferential, thus we would not say it may produce a sound that is your cup of tea

Noteworthy remarks - 

  • Install "+" series into switches with prolonged stem would most likely result in slightly heavier bottom out feel

Q: What is the difference between V1 and V2?

A: Used material is different.

V1 uses custom material from Korea, we've switched to high grade custom material imported from Japan this time. The structure of the spring will be firmer and more flexible, resulting in a more bouncier feel and better overall typing experience.