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Thic Thock DL Series - 62g Custom Mechanical Keyboard Spring (Gold plated)

Thic Thock Springs are meticulously designed and manufactured custom mechanical keyboard springs; aiming at providing the best quality spring at a reasonable and friendly price point.

The weight variation of each spring is controlled within 2±gf. In order to maximize the customer experience, we've decided to make these amazing springs with premium custom materials that are specifically used for supreme user experience.

DL Series - Deliciously Linear Springs
MP Series - Magically Progressive Springs

Each order contains 100 pcs of springs, if you're looking to grab 200 pcs of spring, please make 2 order; so on so forth.

Reminder: Please note that due to the nature of the packaging, when you encounter the tangled springs, please swirl it out carefully and tenderly, with brute force, you risk damaging the spring's structure.