43 Studio - Radiance

Case Style

Extras link:

Accents: https://thicthock.com/products/43-studio-radiance-extras-accents
Backplate: https://thicthock.com/products/43-studio-radiance-extras-backplates
PCB/Plate: https://thicthock.com/products/43-studio-radiance-extras-pcb-plate
Bottom case: https://thicthock.com/products/43-studio-radiance-extras-pc-bottom-case

Message from 43

Greetings! I'm 43 from 43 Studio, a designer from China. Radiance is my second kit design, there is a lot of good fellows in the community, and it's only because of you all, I could be able to know more and indulge myself into this hobby. Thank you all in advance for coming in.

Group Buy Details:

Date: 3rd May 1900 GMT+8 - 3rd June 1900 GMT+8
Nature: Unlimited
Production lead time: 3-4 months, may vary depending on the final order number


NA/CA: Keyspresso
PH: Zion Studio
ROW: Thic Thock

Kit Details:

Layout: TKL
Degree: 7
Mounting System: Top Mount
Case Material: Aluminium 6063 / PC
PCB Software: QMK
Supported Layout:

Base Kit Includes:

1 x Base Kit
1 x Plate foam
1 x Bottom case foam / transparent silicon for PC case
1 x Aluminium Plate
1 x PCB Solder
1 x Diffuser (PC)
1 x Metal Plate (PVD Brass)
4 x Accent
1 x Backplate


  • Number of purchasable extras (except Accents) is in accordant to the number of base kit purchased. [eg. Maximum extra extras purchasable for a single base kit will be 1 plate + 1 pcb + 1 backplate + 1 PC bottom case + unlimited accents]
  • This is a group buy item, shipping will only begin when the order is ready to ship.
  • The shipping charge may vary when the order is ready to ship given the shipping rate fluctuates more frequent due to COVID-19 affecting worldwide logistics. If there is changes to shipping fee, outstanding invoice will be sent to customers for processing the order.