GMK Hazakura

Group buy will be live from 1st May to 1st June.

Any orders of base kit(s) placed before 2359 2nd May will include Thic Thock Collectible Card! Check video to see more!

Estimated fulfillment: 42 weeks after full payment to GMK

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US - Mekibo
Asia - zFrontier
SEA - Thic Thock
UK - Proto[Typist]
South Americas - Fancy Customs
Canada - DeskHero
Australia - DailyClack
EU - MyKeyboard EU
Korea - SwagKeys

※ This is a group buy item, orders will be fulfilled when the items are ready to ship.


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Sakura blossoms, pink petals are dancing in the wind.

Thic Thock Collectible Card x GMK Hazakura

Available only on if you make purchase of GMK Hazakura (at least a base) before 2nd May! Free of charge!

Unique Novelty Design

With UV printing technique, we are able to see more than 2 colors on a GMK set! Unique color combination and novelty design makes this set a must buy!

Pairing with RAMA's cute collabs

Pair your set with RAMA's keycap and M6; complete your set with just a tap of a button!