Site Launching Note

August 06, 2019

Greeting guys, welcome to Thic Thock! We are keyboard enthusiasts who are looking to provide something fresh and friendly to the community. Site Launching Note marks the opening of Thic Thock; and we are happy to have you in our site. Since this is the first patch note we have ever published on this site officially, there will be a bit more information than it usually is, please bare with us. Future patch notes will be more precise and concise. Without further ado, please allow us to announce that we have exciting news on the upcoming on sale products!

Product updates

  1. GSUS Linear Switch (Transparent) | Pre-order will be open from 6-8-2019 to 20-8-2019 or when the cap quantity for this run is met. 

    We are excited to announce that we are going to bring this amazing switch to our store as one of our debut products. GSUS switch has been well perceived in the community as the substitute of the already extinct Invyr Panda switch for its persistency on pursuing authenticity from the predecessor. GSUS switch can also be used as one of the core components in assembling Holy Panda / Holy GSUS switch. This time, we are offering the Transparent GSUS Linear switch, don't miss this chance to grab some before the pre-order ends!

  2. Thic Thock Custom Mechanical Keyboard Spring

    Thic Thock Springs are meticulously designed and manufactured custom mechanical keyboard springs; aiming at providing the best quality spring at a reasonable and friendly price point.

    The weight variation of each spring is controlled within 3±gf. In order to maximize the customer experience, we've decided to make these amazing springs with premium custom materials that are specifically used for supreme user experience.

    If you're craving for top notch custom mechanical keyboard springs, do give it a try; and I'm sure you'll be in love with it :p

    At the moment, although 67.5g is the only spring that is in stock, we are working extremely hard to work with the manufacturer to make sure the quality of the product is up on par with our standard as well as speeding up the production for us to stock in more springs in store. Please stay tuned!

  3. Thic Thock Cherry Plate Mount Stabilizers

    Thic Thock plate mount stabilizers' designs are based on Genuine Cherry Stabilizers specifications. Nowadays, most of the stabilizers offered in the market are designed for mass production purpose, hence, some of the components are not strictly following the original design; we are delight to offer the OG feel for our beloved community. 

Upcoming projects

  1. Resurrection of one of the beloved switches

    We are excited to announce that we are going to bring back one of the beloved but unfortunately went-silent switch. It will morph into a revised,
    refreshing and new look. Stay tuned!

  2. Thic Thock switches in the making!

    As title, we are looking to bring new blood into the community. More details to come. 

  3. Thic Thock accessories?

    And yes, we do not just stop right here. We want to bring the whole package to our community. We want our community members enjoy the full package experience. For the moment, we are still in development, but the picture is clear and bright. We will let you guys know once it's close to revelation.

Welp, that's it for now. We will be updating the News from time to time(not that frequent), if you're interested in the future development of Thic Thock, please do not hesitate to click the button and subscribe to our newsletter or join our Discord channel -! Thank you for your time <3